Maravillosa is a dream to create active wear for every woman that never felt good enough or confident enough to be her true-self.


Our mission is to make women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. To know you are worth more than to settle for anything less than what you desire. Whether you workout at home or gym we want confidence to radiate through you.


Why the word Maravillosa? Because all women should feel wonderful in what they wear and how they move through exercise.


Maravillosa is a Spanish word that means wonderful, marvelous, devine, enchanted, great and that is exactly how we want you to feel wearing our clothes!


This is the beginning of a WONDERFUL JOURNEY!




Marybel Wilson, founder of Maravillosa, is determined to make fitness a daily lifestyle for all women to feel empowered.


Growing up in low income community in Waukegan, IL in a Mexican and Puerto Rican household, Marybel is no stranger to being persistent and overcoming obstacles. While working in a corporate office in the law department, Marybel started her fitness journey at a sports performance facility, now owning her own gym, and a growing social media community.


She has trained, empowered, guided and mentored women locally at her gym and online to feel confident not only in fitness, but in reaching their goals as well. Marybel’s mantra is: "You are the only person who can save yourself, by putting in the time to work on YOU, you can make all your dreams come true."


Maravillosa manifests all of these values with a mission to make each and every woman feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.